Change and Direction

It’s almost time. The new year is pecking on our doors with the promises of resolutions and fresh starts. I’m a sucker for a blank canvas and endless possibilities! Nonetheless, I learned long ago never to make New Years resolutions because…let’s be honest: most of us never see these well-intended goals through to fruition.

This year, instead of resolutions, I set mini-goals. Now doesn’t mini-goals just sound lots cuter and easier to achieve than a resolution? One of my minis was to consistently post blog entries and hone in on the writing portion of my ministry. Well guess what: just because it has a cute ring to it, minis isn’t synonymous with easy. Y’all, blogging on a regular basis is a big ol’ time commitment. Drafts, edits, revisions, photos, links, etc. *whew* Mini-schmini!

This Summer I introduced an upcoming series here on my blog which challenges us to dig deep into our names. I’m eager to dust off my keyboard and dig in! This series, which will start in January, addresses the names we’ve been given, the names others may label us with, and most importantly, the names our Savior so lovingly places over us, like a warm blanket by the fire on a crisp December day.

aabbI look forward to writing again, to sharing His message through my pen. I hope that my words will glorify Him and encourage each of you. If you haven’t already done so, be sure to subscribe to the blog. Let’s grow together in our walk with Him and celebrate all the goodness found in each new day, with or without a resolution!


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